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Wireless Hosting Solutions

DaytonAccess.Net can build a home for your company on the Wireless Internet. We can provide you with the ability to offer content to your customers while they are away from their PCs. Every day, more and more Cellular devices and PDAs are coming to the market WAP enabled and Cellular providers are racing to provide WAP access to their customer base.

The Wireless Internet is growing in leaps and bounds and is truly the wave of the future, and that future is here today.

The Wireless Internet is not going to replace the Wired Internet. It isn't trying to. The goal of the Wireless Internet is to be able to provide Internet users with information while they are away from their office workstations.

The Wireless Internet is primarily text based and is, therefor, somewhat limited as to the information which can be appropriately presented but, some prime examples of information which lends itself well to this medium are: Email, both reading and sending; Database searches for just about any data which can be stored and remain in a current state; directions needed while a user is in a car; Dial In numbers for your ISP and just about anything else which is easily presented in a text manner. You can even go shopping at and have their entire inventory available to you from your WAP device!

Take a look at the WAP Modules we offer. If you have something in mind which is not covered in our presentation, please call and discuss it with us. We can help you make it happen.

Call us today, at to begin creating your presence on the Wireless Internet.

WAP Modules

A WAP Site is created in "Decks". A Deck contains individual "Cards". Each Card is one screen that the user will see. A Deck may be up to 2048 Bytes in size. This size limitation is a property of the WAP device's limited RAM.

A WAP Site may consist of as many Decks as necessary to present the information of the entire site. Our Basic WAP Module consists of 1 Deck with up to 5 Cards:
An Intro Screen
A Menu
3 Information Pages

Each additional Module is a Deck which is called from the Menu.

Module Monthly Start Up
Basic WAP Module (Consisting of)
1 Introduction Page
1 Menu
3 Information Pages
$10.00 $100.00
WAP Email Module (Consisting of)
Username and Password Input Screens
Menu: Read/ Send Email Screen
List of Messages by Subject Screen
Read Message Screen
Delete Message Screen
Compose/ Send Message Screen
$9.95 $50.00
The Email Module communicates directly with your POP3 server and uses our SMTP server to send mail.
WAP Database Module (Consisting of)
1 MS Access or MS SQL DB Table (5 MB)
Up to 3 Searches on this Table
ODBC access to the DB for Maintenance
$9.95 $50.00
Web Based Database Administration and Maintenance $4.95 $50.00

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