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Internet Access Solutions

At, we have built our business over the last 6 years on a foundation of extremely high service. We have never "over-sold" our service and have always provided the highest level of access and line availability. Our service has been available when and how our customers wanted it.

    Service at It's Very Best
    • No busies.
    • No network slow downs due to over-sold lines or bandwidth.

We still very earnestly adhere to these same basic precepts which have made us the very top Internet Service Provider in the entire Greater Dayton Area. is now a member of the Akamai Accelerated Network which means that our Members receive the most popular Web content up to 10X faster than individuals using other access providers. At this time, no other provider in the Miami Valley is able to offer the Blazing Advantage of the Akamai Accelerated Network. to see how we do this.

Our Standard Dial In plan offers Dial In Access for modems to 56K (v.90) and 64K ISDN.

Our High Speed ISDN is for 128K ISDN Access and allows both ISDN 64K channels of a standard ISDN line to connect at the same time (128K total). This account may also be used for MLPP, which allows 2 V.90 modems to connect and bundle the bandwidth for a total of up to 112K. Additional channels may be added for higher connect speeds by calling our Business Office at .

To use our ISDN Service, you must have an ISDN telephone line (from your local telephone company) and an ISDN modem. Ameritech is now offering a flat rate ISDN service for Businesses, rather than the "charge per minute plan" of the past. This makes IDSN access much more available and affordable to every small and medium sized office.

All of our Access Solutions include full access to our Members Room which allows you immediate, full control of your mailboxes and provides you with the ability to get "real-time" information about your account and your connectivity and usage. In our Members Room, you can also update account information, change passwords, create, delete and maintain mailboxes (forwarding, auto-responders, etc.), and make subscription payments on our Secure Server which guarantees the safety of your transaction. All of our Members have POP3 and Web Email access as well as access to Email from any WAP enabled Mobile Phone or PDA.

We offer the convenience of automated monthly billing to your Master Card or VISA, as well as direct Debiting to your checking or savings account through the ACH and KeyBank.

All accounts include technical support 24 hours/ 7 days from our Help Desk. Our pleasant, knowledgable support technicians are available and ready to assist you with any connectivity issues, 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.

Our Dial In Network is engineered for No Busies, and has virtually no unscheduled downtime.

You can Sign Up OnLine on our Secure Server, where all of the information that you submit is encrypted for full privacy and security, or call our Help Desk at 1-, 24 hours/ 7 days, or our Business Office from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday at .


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