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Virtual Hosting and eCommerce Modules

At DaytonAccess.Net, we don't want you to feel locked into a pre-contrived "Package" that someone else has created and that someone else thinks is adequate to do the job that you need to do.

We have created a series of Modules which represent all of the possible services we are currently offering and we have priced them appropriately. This allows you to select the Modules that you need to get your job done, as efficiently and cost efficiently as possible. You aren't paying for services, pre-packaged together, that will never be of any use to you.

Select the Modules you need and then Submit the form for a quote of the monthly cost of doing the job you need to do.

We also offer a 25% discount on all Virtual Hosting, eCommerce, eBusiness and WAP Modules and Packages to Greater Dayton IT Alliance members and to I-Zone affiliates, during their first 6 months of service. This discount does not apply to Dial In Modules, which are already discounted, nor does it apply to Start Up Fees.


Additional Services
Serverside MS Access Database Setup
Client Supplied DB
Serverside MS Access Database Setup
We Create the DB for you
Serverside SQL Database Setup
(First 5 Tables)
Serverside SQL Database Setup
(Over 5 Tables)
$75.00 /hour
Active Server Page, Web DB Admin Development $75.00 /hour


Available Services
    • Modular Solutions
    • Package Solutions
    • Wireless (WAP) Sites
    • Domain Registration
    • Terms Of Service