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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is today's most explosively growing and expanding segment of the consumer retail market. It has assumed a Global scope. It is predicted that better than 80% of all consumer retail transactions will occur over the Internet before the year 2010.

Your Company should benefit from this explosive growth and we can help you make it happen. We have all of the tools needed to create a successful, secure and pleasant environment in which your customers, both old and new, can feel confident that you are protecting the confidentiality of their transactions with your Company.

eCommerce is the next tier of interactivity and takes Virtual Hosting to a new and exciting level which allows your Company to sell your products and/ or services directly to the consumer, via the World Wide Web.

We offer a very robust Shopping Cart Module which is great for the small to medium sized retailer. Or, if your needs are more demanding, we can create a fully interactive database / consumer front end, order placement and fulfillment module, which can track a warehouse full of inventory for you. And, you can do business on our Secure Socket Layer or you can purchase your own SSL certificate. We can help you make it happen.

Take a look at our Packages and our Modules to see which tools are most suited to your needs and which will most efficiently and economically fulfill those needs. If you feel that you have needs which are not addressed in the offerings we make, please feel free to discuss these needs with us. We can help you make it happen.

Call us today, at , to order your eCommerce needs and be using them as soon as today.


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