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Server Co-Location Solutions

Co-Locating your server on our network gives you the best of both worlds; you have full and complete control over the server and the server is located on our Internet backbone, which provides the speed your server needs!

Our environmentally controlled server room, located at our NOC, is monitored 24 hours/ 7 days to assure the most stable and dependable operation of your co-located server.

Server co-location pricing begins at a very modest $49.95/ month to allow small, growing businesses and hobbiests to take advantage of the benefits co-location provides and at the same time, allow the expense to grow only as it is justified.

Call us today to get the paper work started and and you can be enjoying the benefits of using our Internet backbone.

kbps (ASU*) Data Transfer/ month (GB) Monthly Rate
16 5 49.95
64 21 95.00
128 42 190.00
256 83 285.00
385 124 380.00
512 165 475.00
640 207 570.00
768 248 665.00
896 289 760.00
1024 331 855.00
1152 372 950.00
1280 413 1045.00
1408 455 1140.00
1536 (Full T1) 496 1235.00
Over Limit Per Additional GB 10.00
Set Up Fee Per CoLo Server 200.00
Administration Per hour. 1/2 hour minimum. 75.00
*ASU Average Sustained Usage
CoLocation Contract Levels may be upgraded on an as needed basis, prior to the first day of any contract month. The contract month first day is the anniversary date of the contract. The anniversary date of the contract is the date of service deployment.
1 year Contract required for all colocated servers.


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