1. Frederick MAUCK was born before 1733. He died in Mar 1779 in Frederick Co. Virginia. He has Ancestral File number K0X1-1R. NOTE:

Frederick first appears when he purchased 188 1/2 acres of land on Milbourn's Spring Run a branch of Opequon Creek from Jeremiah Wood 12 Mar 1763 (@1). This land was located in what today is Clarke Co. VA several miles west of Berryville(@2).

Assuming their son Mathias was born about 1751 Frederick and Mary's DOB's would likely be before 1733 (@3) and their marriage would likely have been prior to 1751. Frederick's Will was written 01 Mar 1779 and proved 03 Mar 1779 in Frederick Co. VA (@4) and identifies his children as Mathias Michael Frederick and Barbara. Frederick's estate was appraised 30 May 1779 (@4). Frederick wife Motlena was identified when the Will was proved.

In a deed dated 21 Jan 1791 (@5) Mary's sons Mathias and Michael state "In consideration of Jacob Stearly having given us a bill of sale of all his effects we do hereby obligate ourselves and our heirs to make him and his wife our mother with very comfortable necessary provisions and clothing for and during the rest of their natural lives...". In a deed dated 04 Jan 1781 (@6) Jacob Stearly and Mary deeded land on Littler's Run a branch of Opequon Creek to Frederick and Michael. This is the first time Jacob Stearly and Mary are found married. Mary originally received this land as Mary Mauck from Jacob Stearly in a deed dated 23 Oct 1780 (@7). This provided the date range for her marriage to Jacob Stearly (23 Oct 1780-4 Jan 1781). Littler's Run was located in what today is Frederick Co. VA several miles east of Stephenson (@2).

Motlena's full name appears in a deed dated 01 May 1784 (@8) when Jacob Stearly and Mary Magdalene sold property Jacob had acquired 02 Nov 1772. Jacob's first wife Christian is mentioned in a deed dated 03 Jun 1777 (@9).

In the past several researchers have claimed Frederick as a son of Peter Mauck b. 1708 in Germany and d. 1771 in Frederick Co. VA. Peter Mauck's descendant's are identified in a separate book (@10). Peter lived in the area of Tom's Brook in what became Shenandoah Co. VA. In a deed dated 27 May 1779 (@11) Frederick Mauck and his wife Margaret sold land in Tom's Brook to Martin Black who lived adjacent Peter Mauck. This land had been transferred to Frederick by the division of Peter Mauck's land. Frederick Mauck who married Motlena died in Mar 1779 (@4) prior to the sale of the land by Frederick and Margaret and therefore could not have been Peter's son.

In a Frederick Co. VA deed to a Philip Bush dated 03 Mar 1768 (@12) a George Mauk is listed as owning property adjacent Bush. Bush's property was on Lick Run a branch of "Opekon" Creek. Also adjacent Bush were Jonathan Taylor and Thomas Helm. The property that was purchased by Frederick and Motlena from Jeremiah Wood was originally purchased by Jeremiah 10 Feb 1762 (@13) and lists the adjacent property owners as John Briscoe Thomas Wyatt and Thomas Helms. In a deed dated 03 May 1760 Jonathan Taylor received land adjacent John Milburn and John Littler. The location of the land of Thomas Helms and John Littler is also shown in an early map (@2) of grants in this area. Thomas Helms lived on the south side of Lick Run and Littler's Run John Littler on the north side. Between the two was the area between these two runs. This would appear to be where Frederick and Motlena lived based on the above deeds.

It is apparent from these and several other VA Northern Neck Land Grants that Frederick Mauck John Milburn John Littler Thomas Helms and Jonathan Tayor all owned property adjacent each other. In the VA Northern Neck Land Grants a person who was listed as "adjacent" was the actual property owner adjacent versus a neighbor's name. This would make Frederick Mauck the above George Mauk suggesting his full name as Frederick George Mauck or George Frederick Mauck.

Further confirmation of this appears in a Frederick Co. VA deed dated 11 Mar 1779 between Stephen Jones and John Lee (@15). The description of the prior owners of this land prior to John Lee includes George Mauk and indicates Mathias Mauk as George's executor. The deed indicates George Mauk purchased the 125 acres from Jesse and Edward White and Mathias sold it to Michael Slip (no dates given).

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Notes and Reference Data Provided by J.P. Mock

The first record of Frederick and Motlena was when they purchased land in 1763 in Frederick Co. VA. This land is located along Opequon Creek several miles northwest of Berryville on the border of current day Frederick Co. and Clarke Co. Frederick was born before 1733 possibly before coming to America and died in 1779 in Frederick Co. VA. His will identified his children as Frederick Mathias Michael and Barbara.

Frederick Jr. died in Frederick Co. VA about 1785 and left one daughter who moved on to Clark Co. KY with her husband. Mathias died in Frederick Co. VA in 1802 and his descendant's moved on to the area of Muskingum Co. OH. Michael died in 1830
and his descendants also moved on to the area of Muskingum Co. OH and Hampshire Co. in what would later become WV. Descendant's of this family appears to have retained the surname spelling of Mauk.

He was married to Mary Magdalene "Motlena" (MAUCK) before 1751. Mary Magdalene "Motlena" (MAUCK) was born before 1733. She died in Jan 1791. Frederick MAUCK and Mary Magdalene "Motlena" (MAUCK) had the following children:

child+2 i. Mathias MAUCK.
child+3 ii. Frederick MAUCK.
child+4 iii. Michael MAUCK.
child5 iv. Barbara MAUCK was born before 1779.

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