2. Mathias MAUCK was born about 1751 in Germany. He died on 22 Jul 1802 in Near Winchester Frederick Co. Virginia. Mathias was born in Germany and emigrated to America with his parents. Fought in the Revolutionary War 1775-1783 Virginia Regiment.

NOTE: Provided by J.P. Mock :

Mathias is identified as one of the sons of Frederick Mauck in Frederick Mauck Sr.'s Will dated 01 Mar 1779 (@1).

Mathias appears in the personal property tax lists of Frederick Co. Virginia from their inception in 1782 continuing yearly thru 1801.

Mathias's personal property was appraised 02 Sep 1805 (@2) and sold 13 Oct 1806 (@3). His wife Catharine appears in the tax lists in 1802 and 1803.

Mathias and Anna's children are listed in a lawsuit originally filed in June 1807 and recorded 06 Jan 1824 (@4) as Mathias had died intestate. The lawsuit includes a hand drawn map showing how the property was divided and lists the children as Frederick Anthony George John Jacob Elizabeth David and Polly the last five being minors (under 21) as of June 1807. The lawsuit also indicates Anna remarried to Frederick Kyle.

Catherine appears in Frederick Co. Virginia Court Minutes 02 Nov 1818 when Michael Mauck Mathias's brother is released as trustee for Catherine regarding the sale of 150 acres 27 Oct 1818. In a Frederick Co. Virginia deed (@5) dated 06 Mar 1813 Catherine sold this land. In a second deed (@6) dated 07 Oct 1818 the buyer is shown to have made all of the payments to Michael for Catherine.

On 26 Jan 1848 Anna Kyle filed a pension claim with the Court of Common Pleas in Muskingum Co. Ohio. In the claim she related: Mathias was a Revolutionary War Veteran served in the Virginia Militia and was at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. She married Mathias at her father's house on what was called the Long Marsh in Frederick Co. Virginia [possibly Long Marsh Run in that part of Frederick Co. that today is Clarke Co.] about 1779 the minister being named Strite. Mathias died near Winchester Frederick Co. Virginia 22 Jul 1802 at about the age of 51 years old. She remarried Frederick Kyle who died in Harden (likely Hardy) Co. in 1823 after which she moved to Muskingum Co. Ohio. Attached to her claim is a statement by her son Anthony verifying this information and adding that his wife's name was Sarah.

Anna's pension application was denied as she could not provide proof of Mathias's Revolutionary War service. In the application she related Mathias was a private and served in the same unit as Christian and Henry Crumb also privates. Mathias supposedly served several tours of duty and came home sick from the last tour. Anthony (Anna's father) Christian and Henry Crumb appear beside each other in the Frederick Co. Virginia personal property tax list of 1782.

The minister referred to by Anna was probably Christian Streit who performed the marriage of her son Anthony to Sarah. Streit was associated with the Lutheran Church (@7).

The genealogy of The Crum Family by Judge Donald F. Lybarger of Cleveland Ohio 1963 also identifies Anna's father as Anthony Crum Jr. and provided his birth and death dates along with his wife's name. This book corroborates Anna's statement regarding Henry and Christian Crum having served in the Revolutionary War under General George Washington and goes on to state that they served as chaplains. Christian was a minister with the Church of the Brethren and his brother Henry was a minister with the Methodist Church and founded the first Methodist Church in the area of Frederick Co. that would later become Clarke Co. Virginia in 1836.

Assuming Catherine was over 17 years of age at the time of her marriage to Mathias she would likely have been born before 1761.

Catherine's second marriage to Frederick Kyle is listed in the Frederick Co. Virginia Marriage register. The minister was James Walls who was associated with the Methodist Church (@8). Anna's father lists her as his daughter in his Will (@9).

The land of Henry Crum was located in what today is Clarke Co. Virginia several miles northwest of Berryville (@10). The land of Frederick Mauck and Motlena was located both south and west of Henry Crum.

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He was married to Catherine (Anna) CRUM (daughter of Anthony CRUM and Anna Elizabeth (CRUM)) about 1779 in Frederick Co. Virginia. Catherine (Anna) CRUM was born about 1760. She died between 1848 and 1850. She has Ancestral File number RDGN-V9. NOTE: Also Ancestral ID KWH1-L7 Name is also listed as Ann C. Mathias MAUCK and Catherine (Anna) CRUM had the following children:

child+6 i. Frederick MAUCK.
child+7 ii. George MAUCK.
child+8 iii. Anthony MAUCK.
child9 iv. John MAUCK was born about 1786. He died after 1837.
child10 v. Elizabeth (Betsey) MAUCK was born between 1786 and 1802.
child+11 vi. David MAUCK.
child+12 vii. Mary (Polly) MAUCK.
child+13 viii. Jacob MAUCK.
child14 ix. Matilda MAUCK.

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