3. Frederick MAUCK was born before 1766. He died between 1784 and 1786. NOTE: Provided by J.P. Mock :

Frederick is identified as a son of Frederick and Motlena in his father's Will (@1) dated 01 Mar 1779 and proved 04 Mar 1779 and in a deed when in 1791 he and his brother Michael received land from his mother's 2nd husband Jacob Stearly (@2).

Frederick's marriage to Barbara is listed in the Frederick Co. VA Marriage Register. The minister was Alexander Balmain. Alexander Balmain according to Frederick Findings Vol 6 Issue 2 was the Rector of Frederick Parish in Winchester. This is corroborated by the book Old Churches Ministers and Families of Virginia by Bishop Meade.

Assuming Frederick and Barbara were over 17 years of age when they married their birth is estimated as being before 1766.

Frederick's Estate Inventory is dated 19 June 1786 in Frederick Co. VA (@3). Barbara Mauck was appointed the administrator 06 Jun 1786 (@4). The date range for his death was obtained from the date of his marriage to Barbara until the date she was appointed his administrator. Frederick is also mentioned in the Will of his brother Michael dated 31 Dec 1829 when Michael mentions that his brother Frederick is deceased and identifies Frederick and Barbara's daughter as Polly Bean (@5).

Frederick appears in the personal property tax lists of Frederick Co. VA only in 1784. In the 1787 and 1788 lists there is a Widow Mauck. It is very likely this was Barbara.

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He was married to Barbara CRYZER (daughter of Christopher CRYZER and Elizabeth (CRYZER)) on 16 Aug 1784 in Frederick Co. Virginia. Barbara CRYZER was born before 1766. She died about Apr 1830. She has Ancestral File number K0WZ-Q5. NOTE: Family Search Ancestral File has her surnamed spelled KEISER. Frederick MAUCK and Barbara CRYZER had the following children:

child+15 i. Mary (Polly) MAUCK.

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