4. Michael MAUCK was born between 1762 and 1765 in Frederick Co. Virginia. He died on 21 Apr 1830 in Middletown Frederick Co. Virginia. He has Ancestral File number K0X1-34. NOTE: Provided by J.P. Mock :

Michael is identified as a son of Frederick and Motlena in his father's Will in Mar 1779 (@1) and in a Frederick Co. VA deed (@2). Frederick's Will states that Michael was not yet 17 years of age at the time the Will was written.

Michael's wife Barbara and her parents Christopher and Elizabeth Crizer are identified in a deed dated 15 Nov 1819 where Michael and Barbara received 41 1/2 acres on what would become Chester St. in Front Royal VA (@3). This land was described as being on Happy Creek. In a Shenandoah Co. Deed dated 1 Jul 1822 (@4) Michael and Barbara sold 212 acres in Powell's Fort that they had
received from the estate of Christopher Crizer who had died intestate. This deed identifies Christopher's widow as Leah and Michael and Barbara sold the land to Jacob and Elizabeth Cryzer.

Barbara is also identified as the daughter of Christopher Cryser and husband of Michael Mauck in Augusta Co. VA Abstracts Vol II p. 156 by Lyman Chalkey which describes a court case heard in 1811. The record indicates Christopher Criser died 8 years prior and lists his children including Barbara wife of Michael Mauck. Christopher Cryzer's wife is identified as Elizabeth in another Frederick Co. VA deed (@5).

Michael's marriage to Barbara is listed in the Frederick Co. VA Marriage Register. The minister was Alexander Balmain. Alexander Balmain according to Frederick Findings Vol 6 Issue 2 was the Rector of Frederick Parish in Winchester. This is corroborated by the book Old Churches Ministers and Families of Virginia by Bishop Meade.

Michael appears in the personal property tax lists of Frederick Co. VA yearly from 1783-1829.

Michael appears in the 1810 census (over 45 years) and 1820 census of Frederick Co. VA. This along with his father's Will which indicated he was under 17 years old at the time of the Will provided the estimate for Michael's DOB. Michael also appears in tax levy's recorded yearly in Frederick Co. Court Minutes from 1814-1826 and a deed of release 02 Nov 1818 as trustee for Catherine Mauck involving the sale of 150 acres 27 Oct 1818. Catherine was the wife of Michael's brother Mathias.

Michael's Will was written 31 Dec 1829 and probated 03 May 1830 (@6). He lists his children as Michael George (dec'd) Nancy Larrick (dec'd) wife of Joseph Larrick Rebecca Barrow and her daughter Louisa Barrow Jacob Frederick and Louisa Hammock wife of Samuel Hammock. Michael identifies Mary Bean wife of William Bean as a daughter of his late wife and his son George's children as James Henry Abraham Peck Robert and Michael George. Michael leaves money to Catherine Lenheart wife of Jacob Lenheart and appoints Solomon Harman and Joseph Larrick as the executor's of his Will.

The book "The Frederick George Mauck Family" by Lillian Virginia Davis wife of the grandson of Frederick George Mauck grandson of Michael and Barbara lists Michael's death as 21 Apr 1830. The author's source for this date is unknown so I've used 1830 based on the dates Michael's Will was written and proved.

Solomon Harman received a slave from Michael as a part of his wife's inheritance however Michael does not identify Solomon's wife. Solomon Harman married Evelina Harriet Mauck in Frederick Co. VA and the bond identifies her father as Michael Mauck. Two other daughters Barbara and Maria are identified in their Frederick Co. VA marriage bonds. Neither is mentioned in Michael's Will.

There has been speculation that Catherine Lenheart may have been yet another daughter of Michael but evidence supporting this has yet to be found. In the records of Muskingum Co. OH a Henry and Catherine Lenheart sold land to Alfred Bentley (@7) husband of Mary "Polly" Mauk (daughter of Mathias Mauk Michael's brother). It is not known if these two Lenheart families are related.

Michael and Barbara sold the land on Chester St. in Front Royal 01 Jul 1822 (@8) to Jacob and Elizabeth Crizer Jacob being the son of Barbara's brother Jacob.

Michael also owned 154 acres on both sides of Back Creek in Frederick Co. VA which he purchased 28 Dec 1812 (@9) purchased 59 acres on a drain of Crooked Run in Frederick Co. VA dated 22 Nov 1821 (@10) which was sold by his executors 09 May 1832 (@11) sold land over the creek from Duvall's Spring 01 Apr 1813 inherited from his father Frederick (@12) and sold 270 acres on Littler's Run 06 Apr 1813 (@13) originally received from his mother's second husband Jacob Stearly 04 Jan 1781 (@14). The land Michael received from his father was located in what today is Clarke Co. VA several miles west of Berryville (@15). The land he received from Jacob Stearly is today located in Frederick Co. VA several miles east of Stephenson.

Additional land purchases are shown 04 Feb 1799 (@16) and 02 Jan 1804 (@17) but the deeds do not provide a description of the land.

Michael's Will mentions land owned on Back Creek and Busch Creek in Frederick Co. VA. In a Frederick Co. VA deed dated 06 Mar 1832 (@18) Joseph Larrick and Solomon Harmon executors for Michael Mauck sold 174 acres on Busch Creek a branch of Back Creek. This deed states Michael purchased this land 18 May 1824. In a Frederick Co. VA deed (@19) dated 18 May 1824 Michael purchased this land which had been placed in his trust after advertising it for sale in the Winchester Republican.

In a Frederick Co. VA deed (@20) dated 04 April 1831 Joseph Larrick and Solomon Harmon executors for Michael Mauck sold 350 acres near Middleton "on the main road leading from Winchester to Staunton".

Michael may also be the Michael Mauck that appears in the estate sale of George Mock 28 Oct 1808 in Frederick Co. VA (@21). This George was married to Sophia and the family came to Frederick Co. VA from Pennsylvania in the mid 1770's. This family lived near Middleton Frederick Co. VA. It has been speculated but not proven that Michael's father Frederick may have been a
brother of this George.

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He was married to Barbara CRYZER (daughter of Christopher CRYZER and Elizabeth (CRYZER)) on 21 Oct 1788 in Frederick Co. Virginia. (1) He was sealed to spouse on 20 Jan 1975 in the Salt Lake City Utah LDS temple. Barbara CRYZER was born before 1766. She died about Apr 1830. She has Ancestral File number K0WZ-Q5. NOTE: Family Search Ancestral File has her surnamed spelled KEISER. Michael MAUCK and Barbara CRYZER had the following children:

child+16 i. Barbara MAUCK.
child17 ii. Jacob MAUCK was born after 1788. He died before 1834.
child+18 iii. Frederick George MAUCK.
child+19 iv. Nancy MAUCK.
child+20 v. Rebecca MAUCK.
child+21 vi. Maria MAUCK.
child+22 vii. Michael MAUCK.
child+23 viii. George MAUCK.
child+24 ix. Louisa MAUCK.
child+25 x. Evelina Harriet MAUCK.

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