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Mark Clark: Film historian, author, critic, movie geek...

I'm a former staff critic for the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper. Working as a freelance journalist, I wrote articles that appeared in regional publications such as Louisville Magazine and national ones including Writer's Digest. I've also contributed to the following books:

The Writer's Digest Science Fiction Writer's Marketplace and Sourcebook, second edition

Midnight Marquee Actors Series: Vincent Price

Midnight Marquee Actors Series: Peter Lorre

My published movie-related work includes contributions to:

Filmfax #78 (Videoscan review: Cult of the Cobra)

Mad About Movies #1 (Short takes on Roger Corman's Attack Of The Crab Monsters and Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious, as well as an interview with House Of Frankenstein star Elena Verdugo). Published by Midnight Marquee Press.

Monsters From The Vault #8 ("Ministry of Mayhem: High Priests of Universal's Mummy Series")

Monsters From The Vault #10 ("Little Giants: For Monster Fans of the 60s and 70s, Castle Film Abridgments were "The Best Things on Earth.")

Monsters From The Vault #11 (DVD reviews).

Scarlet Street #27 ("Dangerous Games: The Most Dangerous Game and its imitators.")

Scarlet Street #37 (DVD reviews: "Military comedies of Abbott & Costello.")

Other stuff you can't live without knowing:

I'm a proud graduate of the University of Louisville. (Go Cards!)

I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. (Go Bucks!)

My all-time movie (horror division) is James Whale's original Frankenstein.

My all-time favorite movie (open division) is Citizen Kane.

I have interviewed both Michael Jordan and Paul McCartney, in addition to other actors, actresses, musicians and athletes.

I'm currently employed as a Business Systems Analyst with Nationwide Insurance.

Sorry, ladies -- I'm taken. Vivacious Vanessa is my girl. (Hi, V!)

I own a lot of clothes from The Gap, and a lot of shoes I bought last year on vacation in Brazil.

I dig Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash and Matthew Sweet.

Favorite quote: "I'm just a hack writer who drinks too much and falls in love with girls." -- Joseph Cotten (as Holly Martins) in The Third Man.

My favorite dessert is lemon mereinge pie.

This website is dedicated to my Uncle Marty, who kept me up late watching Fright Night monster movie reruns as a kid, and to my parents, who let him get away with it.

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