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Dayton Access News and Notes

We've Been AKAMAIZED!!! has been AKAMIZED!!!, and it's really great!

The Akamai Accelerated servers were recently installed on the DaytonAccess LAN backbone and the speed of accessing so much of the Web's most popular content has increased as much as 10X faster for our members. The Akamai network is currently accelerating content for almost 7000 of the most popular web content providers, such as YAHOO!, MSNBC, CNN, C-NET, Altavista, Microsoft, and Apple, to name just a few. These Webmasters no longer need to worry about the size of images, sound and video clips, etc., in relation to delivering them across an ever-increasingly congested internet, to you since this up to the minute content is located on our backbone and is sent to your modem's buffer at the rate of 100mbps!

For more in-depth information, click the Akamai image above.


DaytonAccess Announces Wireless DSL Internet Access

Now, Wireless DSL High Speed Internet Access, at speeds up to 2 Mbps at a fraction of the cost of Wired High Speed services.

By our use of cutting edge technology and our pricing schedule, - through Greater Dayton wDSL Network - makes High Speed internet access affordable to all internet users.

Click here to visit to learn more.


Members Control Panel 8.0 Just Released

Monday, May 28, 2001 marks the release and deployment of our new Members Control Panel 8.0 software.

Take a look, we have streamlined the interface and made it much more 'user friendly'. This new version senses if you are the Account Owner or an Email User under the Account Owner and presents your options accordingly. Version 8.0 is extremely easy to use and very intuitively designed. Have a look today, and let us know what you think!

In the Control Panel, you can view connectivity stats, change passwords and update personal account information. You can also create, manage and delete your email boxes, as well as control passwords for these mailboxes. Using the Financial Center applet, on our Secure Server, you can view financial activity for your account. You can also take care of just about any financial transaction necessary to maintain your account. You can also access our OnLine Support area and use our Online Tutorials to master the Web!

Take a look now! (Members only)


DaytonAccess Announces Wireless Email for Members

Dayton Access Members now can read and send Email from their Dayton Access email accounts using Wireless Phones and Devices (PDAs). You can also find all of our Dialin numbers from your Wireless Phone. All you need to take advantage of these new, free services is an Internet ready wireless phone or other wireless device..

Just point your phone to: and Login. It's that simple.

Now, at Dayton Access you are no longer chained to the computer to access important Email. Just go to our WAP site with your phone, from anywhere, and have full control over your Email box.


W2K Advanced Server ROCKS!

Windows 2000 Advanced Server has proven itself to be the most reliable, robust, efficient, secure server platform available today.

Dayton Access is now placing all new Hosting and eCommerce sites on our Windows 2000 Advanced Server Clusters. We are also moving our pre-existing customer's sites to these remarkable server clusters as time allows.

Windows 2000 Advanced Server. If stability is important to you ... don't accept less than the best for your Web Site?

Click the W2K Server icon above for more information about Windows 2000 Server or for more information about our Hosting Solutions.


Dayton Access SLASHES Domain Registration Prices

Dayton Access has SLASHED the cost of registering Domain names to only $15.00 per year of registration. That is a $20.00 savings over the $35.00 per year that Network Solutions charges!

If you are not yet quite ready to launch a site with your Domain name, you can register the name and Park it on our servers for Free. When you are ready to use the name, we can 'UnPark" it and have it ready for your use in a matter of a few hours.

Don't wait. Register your Domain name TODAY, before someone else does.

Domain names are disappearing the rate of more than 35,000 each and every day. Protect your desired Domain name by registering it NOW!

Select 'Register Domain' from the menu bar, above. Or


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