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FREE Internet For Life

Want to get Free Internet Service?

Never pay another bill for internet access....Join the DaytonAccess Referral Plan. All you have to do is refer friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone to DaytonAccess. Each time you refer a friend to DaytonAccess, you get a free month of service added to your account. When they sign up, you surf for free! Get all the free months you can handle.

If you know people who are looking for a proven fast, reliable internet provider that really cares about its customers, then send them to DaytonAccess. All they need to do is tell us that you referred them and you are eligible for a months free credit applied to your DaytonAccess account.

The best part: there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Keep bringing in new members and you will never pay for access again.

It's easy to get Free Internet from DaytonAccess. There are 2 ways you can earn a free month of credit to your account.

  • 1. Have the person you are referring call our office during business hours and give the technician your DaytonAccess email address during the sign up process.
  • 2. The person you are referring can use our online Sign Up process and just enter your DaytonAccess email address in the proper box on the sign up page
  • IMPORTANT! The person you are referring MUST give us your DaytonAccess/ Interaxs email address during the sign up process for credit to be given to your account. We cannot accept referral email addresses after the sign up process is completed.

That's all there is to it! After the person you are referring has been with DaytonAccess as an active customer for more than 1 month, you will receive email notification that your account has been credited for their referral.


Referral credit can ONLY be given when the referred customer gives your email address during the sign up process. They cannot call back later to say they were referred.

Referred customer must pay for at least two months of service.

You must be a DaytonAccess customer to receive referral credit.

Only one member is eligible per referral.

Once a name is given for referral it cannot be changed at a later date.

Referrals are only good once.

Referrals are only issued as credit to your account.

No money is paid for referring members.

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