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What is the ISP Instant Messenger and What Can it do for Me?

The ISP Instant Messenger is a small, free utility that you install on your computer. After it is installed, it will check a special site on our network for any new messages and dislpay these new messages for you each time that you connect to our dial in servers.

ISP InstantMessenger allows us, your ISP, to communicate directly with you. We will keep you informed of any planned maintenance, software/ hardware updates and any other information which may have an effect on your connectivity to our system. We can also inform you of any issues which effect your individual account, such as necessary information updates, billing issues and etc.. ISP Instant Messenger allows us to communicate with our entire group of members or with one individual member.

No information is collected or sent to us. There are no irritating Banner Ads on the Messenger. It is strictly a communication device we will use prudently to convey important information to you.

Click the Get it! button below to begin using the ISP Instant Messenger right now! When a dialig box opens asking what to do with the file, select the "Open file..." option and you will be using the Messenger in minutes!

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