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Snow Birds at Dayton Access

Snow Birds (part-time residents) can enjoy the benefits of membership at Dayton Access and still travel for part of the year without incurring any expense from Dayton Access while away from our Area.

As a Member, all you need to do is notify our office that you will be leaving for the Winter/ Summer on a particular date and we will suspend your account on that date and wait for you to notify us that you have returned and are ready to re-activate your account. There is no cost for this service and it allows you to maintain your username/ email address.

If, on the other hand, you would like to be able to access and use your Dayton Access email account while you are away (using our Web interface, from anywhere in the World), you can convert your Dialin account to our Snow Bird Email Account for the duration of your travels. This service is only $6.95 per month that you are away.

To take advantage of our Snow Bird Services, contact our Business office at when you are nearing your departure date.