13. Joshua A. GRIFFITH (13) was born on 17 May 1839 in Clayton Twp. Perry Co. Ohio. He died on 16 Oct 1920 in New Plymouth Hocking Co. Ohio. (14) NOTE: Chronic Renal Insufficiency He was buried on 19 Oct 1920 in Fairview Church Cemetery Hocking Co. Ohio. LAND: 1906 Property Listing (Resided S28 Washington Township) Range Tract Section Acres Book Page 17 13 28 92.5 1 220 17 13 29 80 11 220 17 13 32 41 44 220

The History of Perry County states that Joshua came from Somerset County Pennsylvania.

He was married to Nancy HUGGINS (daughter of William Riggs HUGGINS and Mary Ann BISHOP) on 7 Nov 1861 in Hocking Co. Ohio.(15) Married by John Houston JP Application made by William R. Huggins He was sealed to spouse on 3 Mar 1981 in the Ogden Utah LDS temple. Nancy HUGGINS (16) was born on 10 Mar 1844 in Spencer Twp. Guernsey Co. Ohio. She died on 3 Jun 1935 in Logan Ohio.(17) Died North Street Logan Ohio Cerebral Hemorrhage Died 3:45 A.M. 91 years 2 months 3 days She was buried on 5 Jun 1935 in Fairview Church Cemetery Hocking Co. Ohio. Heinlein Bros. Funeral Home Joshua A. GRIFFITH and Nancy HUGGINS had the following children:

+31 i. Ruth Anne GRIFFITH.
+32 ii. William Ambrose GRIFFITH.
+33 iii. Martha Jane GRIFFITH.
+34 iv. Mayo A. GRIFFITH.
+35 v. Nettie Amanda GRIFFITH.
+36 vi. Pearl Bunyon GRIFFITH.
+37 vii. Howard J. GRIFFITH.
+38 viii. Mary Louisiana GRIFFITH.
39 ix. Myrtie E. GRIFFITH was born on 19 Jan 1879 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio.(18) She died on 17 Feb 1880 in Hocking Co. Ohio.(19) NOTE: Died of congestion of the brain. She was buried in Fairview Church Cemetery Hocking Co. Ohio. NOTE: Name could be Mertie I. Griffith
+40 x. Edgar R. GRIFFITH.
+41 xi. Bertha Agnes GRIFFITH.
42 xii. Estella Alice GRIFFITH was born on 7 May 1883 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio.(20) She died on 8 Sep 1910 in Hocking Co. Ohio. Estella died at the age of 27 just prior to her wedding. She was buried in Fairview Church Cemetery Hocking Co. Ohio. NOTE: Twin to Bertha Agnes Griffith.
+43 xiii. Archie Clifford GRIFFITH.

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