3. Jesse GRIFFITH (1) was born on 5 Oct 1788 in Pennsylvania. He was buried in Jan 1861 in Fairview Church Cemetery. Hocking Co. Ohio. He died on 8 Jan 1861 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio.

He was married to Catherine PITTS (daughter of George PITTS and Elizabeth (PITTS)) on 19 Jun 1829 in Perry Co. Ohio. He was sealed to spouse on 8 Jul 1980 in the Logan Utah LDS temple. Catherine PITTS(2) was born on 1 May 1811 in Pennsylvania. She was buried in Aug 1863 in Fairview Church Cemetery Hocking Co. Ohio. She died on 1 Aug 1863 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio. Jesse GRIFFITH and Catherine PITTS had the following children:

6 i. Sarah Jane GRIFFITH(3) was born on 30 Sep 1829 in Ohio.
7 ii. Daniel GRIFFITH(4) was born on 26 Dec 1831 in Ohio.
+8 iii. Elizabeth GRIFFITH.
9 iv. George GRIFFITH(5) was born about 1833 in Ohio.
10 v. John GRIFFITH(6) was born on 24 May 1834 in Ohio.
11 vi. Thomas GRIFFITH(7) was born on 9 Jun 1836 in Ohio.
12 vii. Andrew GRIFFITH(8) was born on 4 May 1838 in Ohio.
+13 viii. Joshua A. GRIFFITH.
14 ix. Emaline GRIFFITH(9) was born on 9 Aug 1843 in Ohio.
+15 x. Catherine GRIFFITH.
16 xi. Lucinda GRIFFITH was born on 17 Feb 1847 in Ohio.
17 xii. William A GRIFFITH(10) was born on 24 Jul 1848 in Ohio.
18 xiii. Peter Spenst GRIFFITH was born on 18 Jun 1850 in Ohio. Middle name could be Spiece per John D. Griffith's notes.
+19 xiv. Susan GRIFFITH.

Jesse GRIFFITH and Hannah (GRIFFITH) had the following children:

20 i. Mary Ann GRIFFITH was born on 2 Jan 1820.
21 ii. Samuel GRIFFITH was born on 13 Nov 1821.
22 iii. Jesse GRIFFITH was born on 13 Feb 1824.

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