34. Mayo A. GRIFFITH (37) was born on 24 Sep 1867 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio.(38) He died on 30 Oct 1950. Listed at birth as Thomas Swepstone Griffith .... apparently no name was given at birth so the name listed was after Dr. Thomas Swepstone.

Mayo A. GRIFFITH and Maude SPILLERS had the following children:

61 i. Wayne GRIFFITH.
+62 ii. Charles McKinley GRIFFITH.
+63 iii. Edgar Roland GRIFFITH.
+64 iv. William Raymond GRIFFITH.
65 v. Lloyd M. GRIFFITH was born on 2 Sep 1907. Twin to Floyd
+66 vi. Floyd J. GRIFFITH.
+67 vii. Fred A. GRIFFITH.
+68 viii. Helen Maude GRIFFITH.

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