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Hi! My name is Thomas' Mister Benjamin but you can call me Ben. I am a 10 year old cocker spaniel in real life time but in doggy years I am 50 years
old. My master, Ernie Thomas, has been very, very good to me.

Where else can I get free room and board, have someone to take me on walks and to also get to ride shotgun in a 1985 Silverado. By golly I have it
dog gone good here. I can't complain because I really have it made and there is no bones about it . I will say one thing though that Ernie's bark is worse than his bite (pardon the pund).

At night when Ernie goes to bed I reign as the king because I protect our
home while he sleeps then he takes care of me during the day when I take my naps. To be honest I really think he sneaks some naps in too during the
day. Well, I hoped you enjoyed reading about me and thanks for browsing our site.

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Ernest Thomas
Huber Heights, Ohio 45424


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