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>Internet Tip of the Day:
> Yesterday we talked about email privacy. We mentioned
>that, for the most part, email is private and only seen by the
>person you send it to. We did mention that an email often
>travels through a number of different networks while making
>its way to its final destination. Because it travels through
>different networks, there is the possibility that your email
>could be intercepted and viewed by a stranger. For this
>reason you should never send extremely personal information
>via email.
> So what do you do if you really need to send a credit card
>number or a password or something of that nature via email?
>The answer is data encryption (cryptography). Data encryption
>is a way to turn a normal email (like this one) into a coded
>message so that even if somebody intercepts it they won't
>understand it. An email that has been encrypted looks like
>a bunch of random characters. Here's an example:
>As you can see, an encrypted email would be nearly impossible
>to interpret.
> Probably the most popular encryption program is PGP, which
>stands for Pretty Good Privacy. With PGP, you can send emails
>back and forth without fear of having people seeing the contents of
>your messages.
> You may have purchased items from Internet websites that say
>they are 'secure servers'. That means that these websites use
>this same type of encryption technique to code your order (name,
>address, credit card number, etc...).
>Web Site of the Day:
>For more information about PGP, visit the EPIC Online Guide
>to Practical Privacy Tools (PGP is under the section titled
>Email and File Privacy):
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