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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> Sooner or later everybody has a need to call the
>technical support line at their Internet Provider. Hopefully,
>there is a happy and knowledgeable support person ready to
>assist with questions.
> All of the Free Internet Tips team members have spent
>many long nights manning the tech support phones at one
>time or another in our Internet careers. Because of this
>experience, we offer you some tips that will help you help the
>tech support person on the other end of the phone. That's
>right, the tech support person needs your help to answer your
> - If at all possible, write down any error messages
>that you see.
> - Write down what Internet program you were using
>(web browser, email program, etc...).
> - Record the action that caused the error or the problem.
>Did you press a button in your email program just before the
>error message? What button was it? What did the program
>appear to be doing just before the error message popped up?
> - Try to be sitting in front of your computer, and have it
>turned on, when you make the call to tech support.
> - If at all possible, look at your Internet Provider's
>help section on their website.
> Almost any tech support person can tell you stories that
>are similar to this:
>Tech support: "Hello, this is tech support, how may I help you?"
>Customer: "I was using the Internet and I got an error message
> when I was trying to send an email."
>Tech support: "Can you tell me what the error message says?"
>Customer: "I can't really remember."
>Tech support: "Would you like to try the same steps again and
> see what the error message says?"
>Customer: "I can't, I'm not by the computer, I'm at work right
> now."
> You'd be surprised how often a conversation like this
>occurs. The tech support person is happy to help the customer,
>but there just isn't enough information available to figure out
>or solve the problem.
> By following the suggestions above, you will be able to
>find answers to your questions and problems much quicker.
>Web Site of the Day:
>Just for fun, explore your Internet Provider's website and see
>if they have a "Help" section. This information may be helpful
>the next time you encounter a problem.
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