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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> One of the reasons the Internet is so popular is that
>it brings people together. Rather than wait weeks for a
>letter to be delivered across continents, the Internet allows
>us to email in seconds. The Internet has made the world a
>very small place.
> If you're like most of us, you have family and friends
>spread across the country or world. Keeping in touch with
>them is important and the Internet makes it easy.
> ICQ is one of the most popular chat programs ever. It
>makes it easy to chat with people. When we say "chat", we
>mean being able to type messages back and forth between people
>in real-time. When chatting, you can actually see the words
>people are typing at almost the very instant they type them.
> If you would like to try the ICQ chat program, visit ICQ's
>website and download it. If you are not sure how to download
>and install a program, you may wish to have a friend help you.
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>Visit ICQ's Website at:
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