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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> Whether El Nino or La Nina, the weather has definitely
>been strange this year. Here in the U.S. Northwest, the rain
>never seems to stop. The Eastern part of the country seems
>to be piling up with snow.
> Whatever form it takes, it all ends up as water in the
>end. This is not necessarily a good thing for those of us
>that connect to the Internet via a modem and our local phone
>company. You see, water and the phone company don't mix
>too well.
> Internet providers around the country will tell you that
>they get more tech support calls regarding modem connections
>problems when it rains. Although blaming the rain for
>connection problems might seem silly, it's a reality we all
>have to accept.
> When it rains, the water not only seeps into the ground,
>possibly causing problems in wiring that isn't waterproof, but
>the moisture also find its way into the telephone junction
>boxes around the neighborhood. All of this usually causes
>extra noise or interference on the phone lines, and modems
>hate noise.
> So, if you occasionally experience difficulties connecting
>(or staying connected) to the Internet, see if it coincides
>with the rain. If so, there may not be a lot you can do.
> One temporary fix that may work is to slow your modem
>down a bit. Modems are more successful at connecting through
>noisy phone lines when they are forced to communicate slower.
>Remember to speed your modem up after things have dried out
>a bit.
>Web Site of the Day:
>Curt's High Speed Modem Page has much info about modems.
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