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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> Some Internet providers offer their customers vacation
>messages and/or autoresponders with their email box.
> A vacation message is used in a situation where you
>won't have access to your email for a period of time. So
>that people won't think you're ignoring them, you can set up
>your email box to automatically send a reply message to
>anybody who emails you during your absence.
> For example, you could have your email box automatically
>send the following message:
>"Thanks for sending me an email. I will be away for a while,
>but I'll answer your email as soon as I return."
> An autoresponder is very similar. You can program it to
>send a pre-written email to anybody who sends you mail.
>Although autoresponders aren't as useful for individuals, they
>are often used by businesses. Some companies use
>autoresponders to let customers know that their inquiry was
>received and a response will be sent back.
> A word of warning about vacation messages and
>autoresponders. Be very careful before using one of these. If
>you belong to a mailing list, it's possible that every time a
>message is sent to your email box, your vacation/autoresponder
>will send your pre-written message back to all the members of
>the mailing list. This can definitely make people mad.
> In general, before you set up an email box that
>automatically sends a reply message for you, think about all
>the regular email you receive. Your autoresponder will send a
>response to each of these emails.
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