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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> In a few rare cases, you may receive an email that is not
>addressed to you. Your first thought may be that the email
>was misplaced by your Internet Provider...this is probably
>not true. In fact, it's almost impossible for an email to go
>to a different email box than it was intended.
> What may have happened is that you were a blind carbon
>copy recipient. Let's take a minute a figure out exactly what
>that means.
> You may be aware that you can send the same email message
>to multiple people. This is done by using the CC (carbon
>copy) field at the top of the "new message" form. The downside
>of using this method is that everybody knows who received a
>copy of the message.
> Some people prefer to send an email to multiple people by
>using the BCC (blind carbon copy) field. This works exactly
>the same way as a CC, except that no individual can see the
>names of the others who received a copy of the message.
> The one oddity is that the name/email address of the first
>person on the list is displayed as the recipient. For example,
>say we were going to send the same message to three people.
>We would create our email like so:
>BCC: ,
>SUBJECT: Testing the BCC field
>This is just a test of the BCC field
> When zibby and flakey looked at their email message, it
>would say it was to . This can be
>confusing to receive an email that says it's to somebody else.
>Again, this is only because email addresses in the BCC field
>are not displayed.
> Sometimes spammers (those who send unsolicited junk mail)
>send email that appears like this.
> So, if you receive an email that appears to be addressed
>to another person, do not panic. Most likely you're just a
>blind carbon copy recipient.
>Web Site of the Day:
>You might wish to click on the "Help" menu at the top
>of your email program to learn if your email program
>supports the "BCC" function.
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