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>Internet Tip of the Day:
>Let's compare the Internet to an interstate freeway. In order
>to use a freeway effectively you need some kind of vehicle.
>Some people drive trucks, and some cars, but everyone using
>the Freeway has a vehicle.
>Well, on the Information Superhighway everyone needs a vehicle
>in order to get around. These vehicles are the various programs
>that we use to view web pages, send email, etc.
>The most common program used by people on the Internet is called
>a web browser. A web browser allows you to view web pages.
>Web browsers have their own controls (like the BACK and FORWARD
>buttons) that you must learn to operate properly if you are
>going to successfully surf the web. The two most popular web
>browsers are Internet Explorer (from Microsoft) and Netscape
>Navigator (from Netscape). You may have heard about these two
>battling it out in the courts lately.
>Another commonly used program is an email program. Although
>your email program may have come packaged with your web browser,
>it it important to remember that an email program is entirely
>different from a web browser. An email program is exclusively
>used for sending and receiving messages across the Internet.
>Not to be confused with either the web browser or the email
>program is your dialer. Your dialer is not an Information
>Superhighway vehicle at all. Think of your dialer more like an
>on ramp to the Freeway. Your dialer does just what the name
>implies. It dials your modem into your Internet Service
>Provider and connects you to the Internet. Once connected, you
>must use your web browser or your email program to actually get
>The reason the different programs are sometimes hard to
>distinguish from each other is because often one of these
> programs will automatically launch another.
>For example, when you click on the icon to start your browser,
>often it checks to see if you are connected to the Internet
>before it starts. If there is no connection it will
>automatically launch the dialer to get one. After your dialer
>has successfully connected you can launch your email program
>directly from browser.
>But keep in mind that they are all separate programs and likely
>can be launched individually as well.
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