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>Internet Tip of the Day:
> Friday we learned that the Internet originally started as
>a computer network (ARPANET) for the Department of Defense
>and research universities to share information. Soon the
>network became a commercial success and the ARPANET
>was retired to make way for the booming network we call
>"The Internet".
> So, what exactly is the Internet? The Internet is really
>nothing more than an interconnection of smaller computer
>networks. These smaller networks are owned by individuals
>and companies. Your Internet Provider (the company or business
>you use to "access" the Internet) is an example of one of the
>smaller networks that makes up the Internet.
> All of the smaller computer networks (Internet Providers
>and businesses) purchase dedicated digital lines that connect
>them into the Internet. These smaller companies usually
>purchase their digital lines from bigger companies that transport
>the data around the world.
> A good analogy would be to compare the Internet to our
>driveways, streets and highways. It's possible that you own a
>driveway to your house. You are responsible for its upkeep and
>the associated costs. That driveway is connected to the city
>street. The city allows traffic to flow from your driveway to their
>streets and vice versa. The city streets are connected to the
>freeways and interstates. The state and federal government
>maintains these and allows city traffic to traverse them.
> Although these roads and highways are all owned by different
>groups, they are all interconnected and this allows people to
>travel from any point to any other point with relative ease.
> So, in manner similar to how the streets and highways
>work, many small computer networks have cooperated with
>others to form a large, worldwide network that allows us to
>share information almost instantly with others.
> Don't let all of this cooperation fool you. It's expensive
>to be part of the Internet and Internet providers and businesses
>pay a lot of money to the bigger companies that haul data around.
>Web Site of the Day:
>Here are some maps of data "highways" from a few of the bigger
>companies that haul Internet data.
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