My Old Neighborhood in Alexandria

This is the entrance road from Elba Rd in Alexandria to where I lived from 1972-1978...Pictures are from Jul 00...A nice middleclass neighborhood filled with trees...And when I say trees, I mean TREES!...There are so many around here because of the fertile soil...At one time this entire area was part of either Mount Vernon (Home of George Washington) or Ash Lawn (Home of Nel Custis - a relative of GW) Plantations... This is my old house in Milway Meadows...My dad planted some trees around the house and they took over the yard...The soil is very fertile after having been laid over thousands of years by the local Potomac River (Jul 00)... This is the old home of Clan Kelso from Jul 00...They were my best friends from 1972-1978 and were a family of 12 kids...Most of the boys found themsleves in some sort of trouble with the law...The girls stayed out of trouble and are all married right now with lots of babies...I had a puppy crush on most of them because they were a bunch of real hot mamas to an 8 year old kid :-)
This is what the kids called the Junk Pile when I lived in Milway Meadows...It was the end of construction before you started into the Gum Springs Area...Now they are opening it up to put some more houses in here...A good idea as long they don't shoehorn them into the area...And cut down too many of the beautiful trees in the area...Picture is from Jul 00... This is the entrance to the local swim club in the local jungle surrounding my ancestral house...The Garfola lived behind here in a heavily camouflaged house among all the beautiful trees...Jul 00... This is the butthead gumball tree from which I fell in 1977 and messed up my lower back...I take pain killers now for this injury...It isn't debilitating but throbs sometimes...The painkillers make the pain more manageable...Thank God for modern medicine...And no, I will never let a quack Chiropractor touch my back...Jul 00...

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