282. Clarence Milton LUTZ was born on 5 Sep 1893 in Amanda Fairfield Co. Ohio. (200) He was buried in May 1968. He died on 12 May 1968. (201) He was baptized into the LDS church on 9 Jun 1969. He was endowed on 24 Jun 1969. He was sealed to parents on 28 Jan 1970 in the Arizona LDS temple. He has Ancestral File number 1ZKL-K6.

He was married to Ethel M. GUY on 20 Nov 1924.(202) Ethel M. GUY was born about 1893.(203) She has Ancestral File number BJMV-HK.

He was married to Agnes ELLINGER on 15 Jun 1926.(204) Agnes ELLINGER was born about 1893. (205) She has Ancestral File number BJMV-JQ.

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