596. David Eugene THOMAS was born on 12 Apr 1949 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio.

He was married to Toy POONUPAKOON (daughter of Winai PINKO and Unknown BOONYUNG) on 21 Sep 1971 in Bangkok Thailand. He was divorced from Toy POONUPAKOON. Toy POONUPAKOON was born on 28 Sep 1953 in Bangkok Thailand. David Eugene THOMAS and Toy POONUPAKOON had the following children:

+692 i. Lisa Fay THOMAS.
+693 ii. Julia Ann THOMAS.
+694 iii. Christy Lynn THOMAS.
695 iv. Andrew David THOMAS was born on 28 Feb 1981 in Wright Patterson AFB Ohio. He was christened in Nov 1992 in Huber Heights Church of God Huber Heights Ohio.

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