455. Kathleen THOMAS was born on 23 Aug 1922 in Ohio. COMMENT: Kathleen Thomas met John King by the Ferris wheel during the 1943 Fairfield County Fair in Lancaster Ohio. John went to camp the following day. Kathleen and John corresponded with each other during the following months. John returned from camp January 1 1944 and married Kathleen 8 January 1944. He returned to camp 10 January 1944. She went out west to meet John in April 1944 and stayed until August 1944 at which time John went overseas. John was injured on January 1 1945 at Leate Island and returned home two weeks after his son was born.

She was married to John Asa KING (son of Fred KING and ADKINS) on 8 Jan 1944 in Ohio. John Asa KING was born on 18 Aug 1914 in Ohio. He died on 11 Mar 1996 in Rushville Ohio. He was buried on 14 Mar 1996 in West Rushville Cemetery Rushville Ohio 43150. Kathleen THOMAS and John Asa KING had the following children:

+589 i. John Michael KING.
+590 ii. Karen Kathleen KING.
+591 iii. Lou Ann KING.

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