272. Myrtle Merle MOWERY was born on 23 Apr 1901 in Tarlton Pickaway Co. Ohio. She died on 9 Sep 1986 in Rushville Fairfield Co. Ohio. She was buried on 12 Sep 1986 in West Rushville Cemetery West Rushville Fairfield Co. Ohio. (192) She was baptized in Methodist Church Tarlton Ohio. NOTE: Raised by Harvey and Sarah Mowery in Tarlton Ohio (her aunt and uncle.) She was 7 years old when her mother died. She was a twin. She sent cookies to her future husband (Earnest Thomas) that was in the service. Her Aunt told her that they should support the service men. When he received the cookies he wrote her back and then she wrote him back and so on. When he was finished with the service he made a point to see her and would make the excuse that he was going that way to see his grandmother Macklin instead he went to see Myrtle. When she was courting her future husband she would sit with him in the parlor. When it came 10 o'clock Harvey Mowery would tell him to leave. He would get in his horse and buggy and go home. On the way home he would fall to sleep from time to time but he would wake up finding himself in front of his fathers barn.

She was married to Earnest Edwin THOMAS (son of Harley A. THOMAS and Jessie May MACKLIN) on 7 Feb 1920 in Pickaway Co. Ohio. (193) Earnest Edwin THOMAS was born on 20 Oct 1899 in Pickaway Co. Ohio. He died on 7 Dec 1976 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio. Resided at Market Street Rushville Ohio He was buried on 10 Dec 1976 in West Rushville Cemetery West Rushville Fairfield Co. Ohio. NOTE: Brown Hair

RESIDENCES: Resided at Market Street Rushville Ohio

OCCUPATION: Worked at Anchor Hocking Lancaster Ohio 1921-1961. He first worked in the old hand shop before the glass ware was machine operated. He worked as a machine operator later on in his career. He use to work for a dollar a day on farms. Then he would also work for 10 cents a shock. He used to deal with livestock and was known as a wheeler dealer. He bought a farm 1940 and sold it two year later for almost double it's purchase price. He brought a new Chevrolet in 1940 for $600.

MILITARY: Thomas Earnest E. 1543076 White Bremen Ohio
NG Pleasantville O. July 29/17. Br Circleville O. 18 yrs Co D 7 Inf ONG (135 FA) to Dec 1/17; QMC Aux Rmt Dep 312 to disch. Pvt 1cl Feb 5/19. Hon disch Mch 20/19. Myrtle Merle MOWERY and Earnest Edwin THOMAS had the following children:

+454 i. Ella Maria THOMAS.
+455 ii. Kathleen THOMAS.
+456 iii. Erma Lucille THOMAS.
+457 iv. Ernest Edward THOMAS Jr..
+458 v. Flora Belle THOMAS.
459 vi. Jessie Minerva THOMAS was born about 1929 in Ohio. She died STILLBORN in Ohio. She was buried in Rushville Cemetery Rushville Ohio.
+460 vii. George Edson THOMAS.

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