229. Kathy Marie GRIFFITH was born on 29 Jun 1955 in Portsmoth Norfolk Co. Virginia.

She was married to James L. STEPHENS on 26 Mar 1984.

She was married to Raymond CUNNINGHAM on 12 Jul 1973 in Missouri. She was divorced from Raymond CUNNINGHAM. Kathy Marie GRIFFITH and Raymond CUNNINGHAM had the following children:

child295 i. Adam Michael CUNNINGHAM was born on 20 Jul 1974 in Fairfield Co. Ohio.

She was married to William G. SQUIRES Jr. (son of William SQUIRES Sr and Eileen BERRY) on 20 Nov 1976. She was divorced from William G. SQUIRES Jr.. William G. SQUIRES Jr. was born on 5 Jul 1956 in Ohio. Kathy Marie GRIFFITH and William G. SQUIRES Jr. had the following children:

child296 i. Jacien Alan SQUIRES was born on 12 Nov 1977 in Fairfield Co. Ohio.
child297 ii. William G. SQUIRES III was born on 25 Oct 1979 in Fairfield Co. Ohio.

She was married to Mike BURBA on 20 Sep 1982. She was divorced from Mike BURBA.

She was married to David HOLMBERG in 1993 in Columbus Ohio.

She was married to Todd FOUT in 1989 in Columbus Ohio.

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