50. William Ambrose GRIFFITH (47) was born on 6 Dec 1863 in Hocking Co. Ohio. He died on 13 Aug 1949 in Lancaster Fairfield Co. Ohio. (48) MEDICAL: Died Fairfield Co Hospital Cause of Death Bronchopneumonia Other Conditions Acute Cystitis & pyelitis enlarged prostrate myocardial insufficiency Physician Chester P. Swett. Died 1445 N. Columbus Street Lancaster Ohio Fairfield Co. Hospital. He was buried on 16 Aug 1949 in Oak Grove Cemetery Logan Ohio. Buried in Section O-H

He was married to Cynthia Ann MAUK (daughter of Samuel Shutt MAUK and Sarah Ann EIDSON) on 8 Apr 1886 in Hocking Co. Ohio.(49) Reverend J.M. Cantis The application for marriage was made by William. Cynthia Ann MAUK(50) was born on 7 Sep 1867 in Hocking Co. Ohio.(51) She died on 10 Nov 1945 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio. (52) NOTE: Cause of Death Diabetes Mellitus Other conditions Arterio Scherosis She was buried on 14 Nov 1945 in Oak Grove Cemetery Logan Ohio. Buried in Section O-H William Ambrose GRIFFITH and Cynthia Ann MAUK had the following children:

+79 i. Clarence Eugene GRIFFITH.
+80 ii. Ernest Uliss GRIFFITH.
+81 iii. Samuel Ansel GRIFFITH.
+82 iv. Martha Olive GRIFFITH.
+83 v. Walter Ray GRIFFITH.
84 vi. Mabel Irene GRIFFITH was buried in May 1898 in Fairview Church Cemetery Hocking Co. Ohio. She was born on 24 May 1898. She died on 24 May 1898.
+85 vii. Sarah Catherine GRIFFITH.
+86 viii. Charles Joshua GRIFFITH.
+87 ix. Bernard Rosco GRIFFITH.
+88 x. Nancy Opal GRIFFITH.
+89 xi. William Arthur GRIFFITH.

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