54. Pearl Bunyon GRIFFITH (60) was born on 25 Jan 1872 in Washington Twp. Hocking Co. Ohio.(61) He was buried in Dec 1952 in Freona Cemetery Texas. He died on 27 Dec 1952 in Friona Texas. He was baptized into the LDS church on 14 Jul 1982 in the Provo Utah LDS temple. He was endowed on 16 Jul 1982 in the Provo Utah LDS temple. He was sealed to parents on 28 Oct 1982 in the Provo Utah LDS temple. NOTE: Pearl went to Oklahoma cleared and claimed land from the government. He lived there the required number of years to claim it. Then came sandstorms and blew it away so goes the legend. They raised their family there and later moved to Texas. COMPILER: John D. Griffith

He was married to Ethel Jane WRIGHT (daughter of James T. WRIGHT and Martha Ann REED) on 20 Oct 1895 in Ashmore Illinois. Married at Ethel's parents home. Were married at the home of her parents. Ethel Jane WRIGHT was born on 5 Sep 1876 in Moultrie Co. Illinois. She was buried in Dec 1968 in Friona Cemetery Texas. She died on 25 Dec 1968 in Friona Texas. Pearl Bunyon GRIFFITH and Ethel Jane WRIGHT had the following children:

+108 i. Francis Otto GRIFFITH.
+109 ii. Nancy Olive GRIFFITH.
+110 iii. James Joshua GRIFFITH.
+111 iv. Thomas Pearl GRIFFITH.
112 v. Paul Mayo GRIFFITH(62) was born on 20 Sep 1904 in Indian Territory Woodward Co. Oklahoma. He was buried in May 1984 in Friona Cemetery Texas. He died on 17 May 1984 in Friona Parmer Co. Texas. Never married
+113 vi. Nola Ethel GRIFFITH.
+114 vii. Martha Gertrude GRIFFITH.
115 viii. Estella Juanita GRIFFITH was born on 23 Jan 1918 in Chaney Ellis Co. Oklahoma. She was buried in May 1921 in Bond Cemetery Shattuck Oklahoma. She died on 25 May 1921 in Shattuck Ellis Co. Oklahoma. NOTE: Died at home.
+116 ix. Lauretta Nell GRIFFITH.

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