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SPONSORSHIP(Download Sponsorship Mailer, MS-Word 97 Version)

First of all, many thanks to you, our valued sustaining members.� Your continuous support has always made this annual event an enjoyable one!� Again, we�re seeking your partnership, which is very much needed, in making this year�s event a fun one as well.�

Sponsorships at various levels will help defray the costs associated with hosting this outing.� Sponsor contributions provide awards and prizes to participants.� All proceeds exceeding tournament expenses will be placed in the Post Scholarship Fund.� Sponsorships are as follows:

�EAGLE SPONSOR������� Includes placard with company name displayed at two holes and
�($250.00 AND ABOVE)��� notation on the Eagle Sponsor placard at the awards picnic.�

�BIRDIE SPONSOR������� Includes placard with company name displayed at one hole and
�($100.00 - $249.00)��������� notation on the Birdie Sponsor placard at the awards picnic.

�PAR SPONSOR����������� Includes company name notation on the Par Sponsor placard
�($50.00 - $99.00)������������� at the awards picnic.�

�CONTRIBUTOR����������� Company name recognized when merchandise are presented�
�(golf merchandise)�������� as prizes.

Please contact Maj. Juv Salomon at (e-mail: ) to coordinate contributions, or if you wish, please complete the bottom portion of this form and send it with a check, money order, or cashier�s check, payable to �S.A.M.E., Kittyhawk Post,� ATTN:� Maj. Juv Salomon, P.O. Box 33392, Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-0392.� You may expedite your sponsorship pledge by faxing this form to .

Please submit sponsorship donations by Monday, July 9, 2001, to allow sufficient time to prepare placards and to order prizes.� Reproduction of this form for multiple use is acceptable.


COMPANY NAME: __________________________________________ Phone: _______________
ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________
����������������� ________________________________________________________________

� (�� ) EAGLE SPONSOR @ $250.00 and above
� (�� ) BIRDIE SPONSOR @ $100.00 - $249.00
� (�� ) PAR SPONSOR @ $50.00 - $99.00
� (�� ) GOLF MERCHANDISE������� _____

COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE :________________________________ Phone: ________________
�������� E-MAIL :_______________________________________________________

������������������� AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE_________________________Date: __________________