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On April 3, 1974 at 4:20 pm, my wife Terry and I were taking Rob, our son, around on his paper route in Waynesville, Ohio, along with my daughter Shari, our oldest son Don and Larry Smith, when I heard on a fire radio that a tornado had touched down in southern Montgomery Co.

I went home and picked up my camera and we headed toward Centerville, All the time as we were driving I noticed a dark cloud hanging down from the storm cloud, then all of a sudden to the east of our location at Royal Woods Ln.?and Wilmington Pike ,?(we were 8.3 miles from Arrowhead and 14.3 miles from Wilberforce), we saw a tornado whip up from the ground up then it would disappear, then another one would appear then disappear, then one started then it formed 2 tornados?side by side, then the 2 joined together to make the big one ? that hit Xenia, Ohio.

Our Fire Dept., Wayne Twp. Fire Dept., was dispatched to Xenia, Ohio, so I left there and went straight to Xenia, and helped out with the Fire Dept. and Life Squad.......Photos courtesy of and ? 2001 by Homer G. Ramby - Waynesville, Ohio

NOAA WEATHER RADIO? provided by ? WARN??of Cincinnati, Ohio
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TORNADO WARNING - ? A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar TORNADO WATCH - ? Tornadoes are possible in your area. SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING - ? Severe thunderstorms are occuring SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH - ? Severe thunderstorms are possible in your area.

SUPEROUTBREAK April 3-4, 1974

The April 3-4, 1974 SUPEROUTBREAK, produced 148 tornadoes within a 24 hour period. This is the largest number on record. During the height of activity, 15 tornadoes were on the ground simultameously. ?315 persons were killed, ?5484 were injured within the 13 states and Canada in which tornadoes occurred. With a total 2598 miles the tornadoes traveled.

Immediately after the outbreak, an aerial survey team was organized. Up to five aircraft were used to survey the entire damage area. Unexpectedly, continuous damage paths were found up and down steep slopes, across mountain tops, and through deep gorges. Press ?HERE? for a list of All the States that were hit by Tornadoes

Tornado that hit?Xenia?on Sept. 20, 2000

Press?HERE?to hear the actual 1974 Xenia Tornado

Video?clip?from the History Channel (291KB)

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The Xenia Tornado was F5 ??Length 32 miles??33 killed ?? 1,150 injured


I will try to get photos of my destruction photos as it looks today

Waynesville, OH - Weather Forecast ? Wayne Twp. Fire Dept.

National Weather Service Tornado Preparedness

LIVE CAM - Wayne Twp. Fire Dept.

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