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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> The Internet can be a scary place for parents.
>There is no lack of freedom of speech and there are
>plenty of visuals to accompany that liberation.
> For the most part, as an adult you can choose to
>avoid content that you feel is offensive. Children don't
>always make proper judgments and often need adult
>supervision when using the Internet.
> Some parents have chosen to spend time with their
>children while they use the Internet. Other parents install
>filtering software on their computer that controls what the
>child may see.
> Filtering text and pictures on the Internet should not be
>the only concern of parents. There are plenty of other things
>that a parent should keep in mind when the Internet is used by
>a child or teenager.
> has an excellent web page that details filtering
>software, and other Internet challenges faced by parents and
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