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Mon, 26 Apr 1999 07:35:28 -0400

>Internet Tip of the Day:
> It seems like a new virus pops up every month. Between
>each real virus, we receive countless emails from friends and
>associates warning us to beware of this new virus or that virus.
> Almost every virus warning we receive turns out to be a
>hoax. Our friends and associates are not intentionally trying
>to fool us, they're just passing on email warnings that were
>sent to them.
> Please, before you forward an email virus warning to your
>friends, please check it out and verify it first. You will be
>saving many people from undue worry and you will be stopping
>false information from circulating around the world.
> For example, during the last few weeks, we have received
>four or five emails warning of a virus in an email. The email
>warns us to be on the lookout for another email with the
>subject "It takes guts to say Jesus". Supposedly this email
>will destroy your computer.
> It didn't take us five minutes to search the Internet and
>figure that this whole thing was a hoax. In the mean time
>millions and millions of people were forwarding this warning
>to their friends, who were forwarding to their friends.
> If you receive an email warning about a new virus, do some
>research first. We like to go to Symantec's site. They
>make anti-virus software. If there is a real virus out there
>or a hoax, they'll know about it and probably have details
>posted on their website. Most other anti-virus companies
>do as well.
> So remember, before forwarding a virus warning, check
>it out first.
>Web Site of the Day
>Visit Symantec's list of virus hoaxes.
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