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>Internet Tip of the Day:
> For the most part, people are very trusting of others.
>We like to believe that people are telling us the truth and
>we feel bad when somebody lies to us and we believe them.
> When newspapers, magazines or television shows are
>caught knowingly presenting false information they are usually
>taken to court and sued for their remarks. Because of this,
>the media is usually very careful about the information they
>publish. Although their stories may be slanted toward one
>opinion or another, they are usually somewhat
>least enough to keep them out of court. Because of this we
>have become a complacent people. We have the tendency to
>believe what we read.
> The Internet is a wonderful place that is full of
>interesting information. It is also a paradise for people who
>spread falsehoods.
> Please be very careful when considering statements found
>on the Internet. The Internet is a new media and many bad
>people are taking advantage of the fact that people are very
>trusting. These bad people often create false and untrue
>emails and send them out claiming to be warning or helping
>others. Without realizing it, innocent people forward these
>messages to their friends and eventually the Internet is
>flooded with untrue stories.
> Please, before forwarding an email to a friend or family
>member, check out the details to see if the email is true.
>There have been many false emails circulating the Internet
>that promise free vacations, false emails that warn of a virus,
>and many other untrue stories.
> Before forwarding a message, verify the facts. If the
>email promises free prizes or gifts from a company, visit
>the website of that company and see if it's true. If you
>cannot verify the email or story, do not pass it on to
>another person.
> We hate to be pessimistic, but when it comes to the
>Internet, you shouldn't believe anything you read unless
>you can verify the source or find facts that back up the story.
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>Need to verify if an email is real or just a hoax? Try
>one of these websites:
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