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>Subject: [Free Internet Tip of the Day]
>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> Before the Internet became popular, there were really only
>two ways to get new software for your computer. You could
>either go to a computer store or buy it mail order from a
>catalog or magazine advertisement.
> Not only has the Internet allowed us to "instantly"
>purchase software, but it has also allowed us to try it before
>we buy it. If we decide we don't like it, we simply erase it
>from our harddrive. There are many places on the Internet
>that allow you to search for and download software.
> Another interesting phenomenon is free software. People
>actually write very useful programs and give them away for
>free. You probably won't find the world's best 3D animation
>program for free, but you will find very usable software
> As you already know, the Internet is made up of lots of
>technical jargon, and this situation is no different. There
>are special words to denote the different types of software.
> This is totally free software for personal use. You do
>not have to pay any money for this software. You should
>read the author's agreement to make sure that you are
>conforming to the author's wishes.
> Shareware software is usually downloadable for free. That
>means you can get a copy of it from the Internet and try it out
>to see if you like it. Most shareware software will work for a
>limited amount of time, after which, you will need to pay for
>it. Some shareware software continues to run, but nag screens
>are displayed periodically to remind you to pay for it.
>Commercial Software:
> This would typically be the software you see in stores.
>It is usually packaged with printed manuals of some type.
>You must purchase this software before you can use it.
> Many software companies have found that it is to their
>advantage to provide shareware or "crippled" versions of their
>product to the public. Crippled software is a version of a
>program that is only partially functional. Software companies
>want you to get the feel of their software, but keep you from
>being able to fully use it without paying for it.
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