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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> Many people who use the Internet also have call waiting
>on their phone line. Although call waiting is handy most of
>the time, it can be a nuisance to you during the time that you
>are dialed into your Internet Provider.
> The main function of call waiting is to alert you to an
>incoming phone call while you are on the phone. Call waiting
>does this by interrupting your current conversation with a beep
>or tone.
> Although this beep or tone is only mildly irritating to
>humans, it often has a much worse effect on modems. Remember,
>modems are extremely sensitive to noise or interference. In
>fact, modems are so sensitive that most of the noise and
>interference that causes poor connections is beyond our hearing.
> All modems react differently to the call waiting tone.
>For some modems it is enough to make them disconnect from
>the Internet instantly. Other modems seem to be able to
>continue through the interruption.
> If you want to be sure that the call waiting tone won't
>interrupt your Internet session, simply instruct your
>modem to shut off the call waiting until you are finished
>with your Internet session (see below for instructions).
> If you're not sure if you want to turn off call waiting
>during Internet use, prearrange to have a friend call you
>while you're online. That will help you determine how your
>modem reacts to the call waiting tone.
> To turn off call waiting, you will first need to find out
>what code your phone company uses. Some phone companies
>use *70 to turn off call waiting just for one phone call.
>In this case, you would preface your Internet Provider's phone
>number with *70. In other words, if your modem used to dial
>555-1212 to connect to the Net, you would now have it dial
>*70, 555-1212. This would turn off call waiting until you
>disconnect from the Internet.
> Notice the comma after *70. The comma instructs the
>modem to pause for a moment before dialing the rest of the
> If you are unsure how to turn off call waiting while you
>are on the Internet, contact your ISP. They will be happy to
>help you.
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