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>Free Internet Tip of the Day:
> Yesterday we discovered that when using a search engine,
>it is a good idea to use two or three specific keywords. This
>will help narrow the search.
> We also discovered that if we enclose our keywords in
>quotes it will force the search engine to find webpages that
>contain our keywords in the exact order we typed them.
> There are some search engines that have extremely powerful
>search functions. These advanced searches can really help you
>avoid wasting time searching through useless webpages.
> Probably the favorite search engine for doing advanced
>searches is Alta Vista. Alta Vista is extremely powerful and
>with a little practice you can refine your searching skills
> Before doing an advanced search, you may want
>to try a general search and see if you find what you need.
>Although advanced searches are powerful, it's easy to get
>too specific and completely miss the webpages you were
>trying to find.
> Advanced searches usually involve boolean operators. If
>that's Greek to you, don't worry. It will make sense shortly.
>Below are a few examples of boolean searches allowed by Alta
>AND - Finds only documents containing all of the specified
>words or phrases.
>Example: Mary AND lamb
>finds documents with both the word Mary and the word lamb.
>OR - Finds documents containing at least one of the specified
>words or phrases.
>Example: Mary OR lamb
>finds documents containing either Mary or lamb. The found
>documents could contain both, but do not have to.
>NEAR - Finds documents containing both specified words or
>phrases within 10 words of each other.
>Example: Mary NEAR lamb
>would find the nursery rhyme, but likely not religious or
>Christmas-related documents.
> Again, these advanced searches or available in Alta Vista.
>Some other search engines do advanced searches, but none
>are as powerful.
> You can find the Alta Vista advanced search engine by
>You will then need to click on "Advanced", which can be found
>in the upper-right area of the web page.
>Web Site of the Day:
> If you would like to see the other options offered by the
>Alta Vista advanced search engine, visit:
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