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>Internet Tip of the Day:
> The best part about the Internet is that it brings people
>together. It's fun to send email and pictures back and forth
>to friends and family.
> But what do you do if you don't know a friend's email
>address? You could call them or write them and ask for
>their email address, but that's not always possible.
>There may be times when you would like to look up an old
>friend that you've lost contact with. So how do we find them?
> The best way to find email addresses of friends or family
>is to search some of the email "phone books" on the web. These
>email directories work just like phone books. You search under
>the person's name (and state and/or city if you know it). Many
>of the online directories will display addresses, phone numbers
>and email addresses.
>Web Sites of the Day:
>Visit some of these people directories and find your friends!
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