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>Internet Tip of the Day:
> Computers were supposed to make our lives easier, and less
>confusing. However, it seems like the more we use them the more
>questions we have. "How can I make my computer do this?",
>"Why is my disk drive making that funny noise?" "Do I need more
> Now that the Internet has arrived, we have a whole new
>world to explore...and a lot more questions. Luckily, the
>Internet can provide us with answers. Not just answers about
>computers, but answers to almost any question on any subject!
>That's right, you can even find out how to repair your toilet on
>the Internet.
> Because so many people have questions (usually the same
>ones), somebody decided to write down those questions, along
>with the answers, and make this document available to the
>public. Thus, the FAQ was invented. FAQ is an acronym for
>Frequently Asked Questions.
> There are FAQs on almost every subject imaginable. Almost
>every computer company has a FAQ for the products and services
>they offer. Most USENET newsgroups have a FAQ. There are also
>private individuals who maintain FAQs on various subjects.
> You can find a FAQ about a commercial product or service by
>checking on the company's web page. If you're looking for help
>on a more general question, use one of the search engines and do
>a two-word search using the subject of your question and the word
>'FAQ' . In other words, if you need to fix a leaking faucet, you
>would type "plumbing faq" into your favorite search engine.
> By reading through a FAQ, you can quickly find answers. So,
>remember, If you have a question, search for the FAQ first!
>Web Site of the Day:
>This website has a list of hundreds of FAQs on almost
>every subject imaginable. You can even search the FAQs
>by typing in keywords.
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