Real Estate Appraiser Connection - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Here are some common troubleshooter links for you to try before you call customer support or you favorite Guru.

Try this first:

1. If your having problems with a program you have just installed,

A: In Windows 95 go to My Computer, double click Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs, then highlight the program and click the Remove icon.

B: Close all open boxes.

C: Follow installation instructions for the software.

2. If your having problems with Hardware.

A: In Windows 95 go to Start, go to Help then go to Tips & Trouble Shooting.

B: Follow screen instructions.

3. Problems with Appraisal Software.

A: Most Software providers have a HOME PAGE on the Internet. In their sites, there is normally a trouble shooting link. This is FREE and available 24 HOURS a day. So try this first, if this does not work please call your GURU. (Hopefully it is ME)

B: Most companies now have pay per incident and service contracts at an affordable price, there are also some tech and FAQ's on their site..