Even though I didn't care about babies before, I love baby's pictures now I have my own baby.
Some of my friends send me their baby's pictures.
I enjoy to see and know how they are growing up.
Today, I will show you some of these cuties as they are so sweet.






One night I was chatting with a my friend who lives in Japan. Suddenly a women joined us after 2:00 a.m.
She was Leon's mommy. She said even though she and her husband are Japanese, their baby looked like a western baby when he was born. That's why they named him "Leon". At first I didn't believe that. But she sent me his picture the next day. It surprised me.






She is my ex-coworker's daughter. She was named after the U.S President's wife Hilary. Her parents hope she will be a worldly person. This picture was taken at Tokyo Disneyland. They live near there.

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He is Nami and Minoru's sweetheart. There is a link to Nami's HP on my links page.
I am a big fan of her HP. I have read her pregnancy dairy so I feel like I really know him. Now he is 8 months old. These pictures are when he is opening a present on Christmas morning. He looks soooo happy.






"Kevin, Alysa, Rachel"

They are my best friend Akemi's kids. Their father is American.
Kevin was born on my birthday 6 years ago. He was the first baby who I had been around.
I love him like a nephew. They live in Italy now because of their father's business.
They speak English, Japanese and Italian.







She is Kai's cousin in Japan and my sister's cutie.
She visits and plays with her great-grand mother every day. That's why she loves
"SUMO","UMEBOSHI(It's one of Japanese traditional food)" and "Japanese green tea".
She sounds like an old women judging by her tastes.

They will move to Boston this Summer.
She listens to English tapes and can say "Happy!" "O.K!" "Why??".

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