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HelloWorld!!! Cody sure likes the new BIONICLES !!!! :):):);)

Mata Nui Island

Will the Toa save the Island?

The Power Masks

You need the power to save Mata Nui Island

The Toas

Tahu of Fire---Kopaka of Ice---Lewa of Air

Gali of Water--Onua of Earth--Pohatau of Stone

The Turagas

MATAU from---NOKAMA from---NUJU from

Le-Koro Island---Ga-Koro Island---KO-Koro Island

ONEWA from---VAKAMA from---WHENUA from

Po-Koro Island---Ta-Koro Island---Onu-Koro Island

The Helpers

Huki can crush boulders-Jala a lava surfer-Kongu great disk thrower

Maku the best swimmer-Matoro loves climbing-Onepu has strength

The Throwing Disks

Used by the Helpers

The Rahi

Kane-Ra has sharp horns and Muaka is a tiger-like beast

The Nui-Rama

Are flying insect-like creatures

The Tarakava

A ruthless lizard-like creature

The Nui-Jaga

Scorpions with fierce claws and stingers

The Manas

Evil guardians of Makuta fearsome giant carbs

Kane-Ra has sharp horns and Muaka is a tiger-like beast

These are the Toas masks I found so far

These are the Turagas masks I found so far

The Bohrok Creatures

The Bohrok Va are Scouts and Couriers

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