305. Melinda Susanne LINDSEY was born on 18 Jan 1954 in Ohio.

She was married to James Michael EDENS on 15 Jan 1972 in Florida. James Michael EDENS was born on 15 Jan 1952 in South Carolina. Melinda Susanne LINDSEY and James Michael EDENS had the following children:

child406 i. Kevin Paul EDENS was born on 29 May 1970 in Florida. He died on 6 May 1988 in South Carolina.
child+407 ii. Donna Michelle EDENS.
child408 iii. Karen Renee EDENS was born on 3 Jul 1977 in South Carolina.
child409 iv. Shawn Michael EDENS was born on 15 Nov 1983 in South Carolina.
child410 v. Christopher David EDENS was born on 8 Dec 1992 in South Carolina.

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