23. James (Hy) WOOGERD (86) was born in May 1860 in Scipio Twp. Meigs Co. Ohio. NOTE: Letter from Gerald Woodgerd states James also known as Hy

He was married to Mary SEARLES about 1901 in Ohio. Mary SEARLES(87) was born about 1867 in Ohio. NOTE: Information from Robert Woogerd 1399 Meadowbrook Dr. Worthington Ohio 43085 6/12/1996 James (Hy) WOOGERD and Mary SEARLES had the following children:

child69 i. June M. WOODGERD(88) was born about 1903 in Athens Athens Co. Ohio.
child+70 ii. Charles Edward WOOGERD.
child+71 iii. Catherine WOOGERD.
child+72 iv. Marie WOOGERD.

He was married to Einline PINNEY on 10 Feb 1882 in Athens Co. Ohio.(89) Einline PINNEY (90) was born in Feb 1867 in Ohio. She died about 1901/2 in Athens Co. Ohio. James (Hy) WOOGERD and Einline PINNEY had the following children:

child73 i. Bivin S. WOODGERD(91) was born in Jan 1883 in Ohio.
child+74 ii. Harley B. WOODGERD.
child75 iii. Sara V. WOODGERD(92) was born in Nov 1886 in Ohio.
child76 iv. Golda M. WOODGERD(93) was born on 11 Dec 1894 in Dover Athens Co. Ohio.
child+77 v. Austin WOODGERD.
child78 vi. Anna B. WOODGERD(94) was born in Nov 1898 in Ohio.
child79 vii. Otis WOODGERD(95) was born on 5 May 1896 in Wateslow Athens Co. Ohio. He died before 1900 in Ohio.
child80 viii. Delphia WOODGEARD(96) was born on 7 Nov 1898 in Rawndale Athens Co. Ohio. She died before 1900.

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