89. Erma Lucille THOMAS was born on 6 Mar 1924 in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio. On the night of her birth, Anchor Hocking caught fire and her dad had to help put it out. George Mowery was with Mytrle when gave birth. OCCUPATION: ]Used to work at the Carnation Milk Plant. That is where she met her husband, Paul.

Paul Richard HUNZIKER (son of Albert Adolf HUNZIKER and Maida B. KERNS) was born on 25 Jun 1923 in Columbus Ohio. OCCUPATION: He hauled milk to the Carnation Milk Company. He met his future wife Erma there. She used to test the milk he delivered. Erma Lucille THOMAS and Paul Richard HUNZIKER had the following children:

133 i. Paula Ann HUNZICKER was born on 5 Jun 1949 in Columbus Ohio.
134 ii. Paul Richard HUNZIKER Jr. was born on 14 Jun 1963 in Columbus Ohio.

Erma Lucille THOMAS and Archie KOON had the following children:

135 i. Thomas Malcolm HUNZIKER was born on 9 May 1946 in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio.

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